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Visuoperceptual impairment in Reading Disabilities. Diagnostic and Rehabilitation protocols and strategies. Related Tools and Services.


Developmental dyslexia is a specific reading disability that affects 4-10% of the scholar population. It is defined as a reading difficulty despite adequate instruction…, not caused by reduced visual acuity.Clinical research reinforces the idea that in dyslexic children not only a phonological deficiency but also an impairment referred to higher order visual functions can be involved.The TETRA protocol and the birth of TETRA Tool aims at detecting and typifying visuoperception abnormalities in dyslexics.The TETRA Protocol and Tool, therefore, provide ophthalmologists, orthopticians and other medical specialists with a medical device and solutions suitable to better identify visuoperceptive impairments.Thanks to the recent outcomes from experimental and clinical research, rehab of dyslexic children suffering from visuospatial alteration as well as of disabled readers affected by macular degeneration, hemianopsy and central visual field defects, looks finally feasible.