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3DforEye Awaken your sight



Using 3D technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia


3DforEye aims at developing a technology that will allow the use of 3D systems (normally used for individual entertainment) in the field of the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems. In particular we target the disorder of sight called amblyopia (also known as lazy eye). Amblyopia should be detected as early as possible in order to start the treatment still in young age. Our system will be able to help physicians and individuals to detect problems in the stereo vision and will propose activities suitable for exercising the lazy eye. By using either 3D active glasses or virtual reality viewers, our system will be able to stream two different contents to the two eyes, making possible to realize stereotest software, system for vision rebalancing, and systems for penalization. The final users of the proposed technologies will be physicians and users (asymptomatic) for screening and amblyopic children (around 10 million people under the age of 8 years worldwide) for the therapy.