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Col Innovative Lines



Our project has been designed to improve the quality of patient's life affected by ocular disorders of various kinds. At the meantime has been thought also the health professional work,whom with the use of a single product for each patient are able to administrate them a personalized therapy .


The product is innovative and unique on the market, designed with years of study by a group of people belonging to our company and with a university knowledge in medical and biological field, headed by owner, inventor and the patent holder of the product. Before beginning the study and advancing the project of the entire line of medical device, so called "col line", has been launched a market survey to ensure that there was still nothing innovative on that direction.The company's goal is to raise awareness and spread col in the mainly major centres of ophthalmology specialized in tissue rigeneration and repair of ophthalmic lesions,corneal lesions of various origins.The goal has also commercial and economics aspects: to penetrate into the market in an irreplaceable way,such as to become a leader with a closed system, sterile and pre-connected kit, which allows to obtain autologous eye drops with a innovative technique and in accordance with physician's protocol.