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2WIN for Vision



Our project aims at enlarging the populations examined for vision defects by making available small, portable, cost-effective, non-invasive, easy-to-use and accurate multi-functional instruments and software platforms to detect multiple values and parameters targeting a variety of ocular pathologies.


The “2WIN For Vision” project is based on the 2WIN, a small, portable, hand-held, light, battery operated instruments Wi-Fi connected to the current mobile devices (phones/tablets) and on a 2WIN cloud platform for the storage and management of the exams data.
Portable non-mydriatic refractometer and vision analyzer enables vision measurements on large numbers of patients in remote and under-served locations;
Effective early screening of amblyogenic factors; 
Objective InfraRed cover test to measure angle K, tropias and phorias;
Early detection of cataract and keratoconus;
Binocular automated refractometry;
Over-refraction: check of correction in use over spectacles, contact lenses and trial lenses; 
Pupil size;
Pupils distance;
Direction of Gaze;
Automated IR cover-test measuring angle K, phorias and tropias;
Dynamic pupillometry (pupil size vs. time and stimuli).