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DUO, a unique and innovative multi-drug delivery system



Duo, an innovative and unique ‘double chamber’ delivery system, permits to deliver simultaneously 2 eye drops medications improving patients compliance and cost effectiveness.



In case of chronic diseases or long term treatment such as glaucoma, dry-eye syndrome, chronic conjunctivitis cataract, allergy, ecc. patients normally use more than one medication, usually eye drops. In this condition, managing and instilling ophthalmic solutions can be problematic and can present a major hurdle for compliance and patients independence. Especially in patients with Glaucoma .
DUO, an innovative double chamber eye drops dispenser is a cost effective and easy to use device that can help patients to manage medication treatment in case of multiple/combined therapy and facilitate an instillation in rapid succession. DUO in fact permits to use simultaneously 2 different eye drops medications for a better patients compliance and cost effectiveness.